Where and how to buy a vacation home in Goa?

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Goa is a small state in India, a popular tourist destination with lots of destinations to explore. Goa is majorly famous for its beaches. Many tourists visit Goa every year, and many of them like the place so much that they plan to invest some money in buying a property in Goa. Potential buyers have multiple options to find a vacation home in Goa for sale.

The mesmerizing beaches covered with adorable white sands and the architectural diversity are Goa's main points of attraction. People get attracted to Goa because of its immense beauty. Goa is divided into two parts: the North Goa and the South Goa. Though both the parts of Goa are equally beautiful, the beaches' nightlife of North Goa is better than that of South Goa. 


Property Prices in Goa


Prices of property in every city depend upon the various locations of that place. Similar things happen in Goa as well. North Goa is comparatively more happening than South Goa due to its nightlife, so the prices of properties in North Goa are higher. 


Properties in North Goa gives higher return to the investors. Also, there has been a surge in property prices since the last decade. There are multiple building developers involved in the construction business in Goa. These developers offer Holiday Homes in developing locations like Bambolin, Anthane, Tuem, Siridao, Merces, and Penha De Franca. The varieties of houses range from studio apartments to villas and Portuguese houses.


In Goa, Villas are primarily available for ready property buyers. The price for Villas ranges somewhere between INR 65 Lakhs to INR 5 Crore. The price depends on the closeness to beaches and other prime locations. The plots are also available, costing between INR 30 Lakhs to INR 3 Crore. 


However, if an investor is looking to spend less, the developed gated communities offer good apartments, which are also a good option for holiday homes. These apartments cost between INR 40 Lakh to INR 1 Crore. The price varies due to the location and number of bedrooms in the apartment.


Is It Worth to Buy Holiday Homes in Goa?


Several million tourists visit the State of Goa each year. Due to this reason, the rental value in Goa is higher. Many foreign tourists visit Goa every year. They stay for a more extended period, so they take a house for rent instead of staying in hotels.


Holiday homes are the best alternatives of hotels for tourists as in the peak seasons; hotels cannot accommodate all the tourists. These things give a high return on investment in properties in Goa. So, it makes sense to buy a vacation home in Goa.


Tips to Buy a Vacation Home in Goa:


Making the best investment is always the best choice. Well, here are some tips for buying a vacation home in Goa.


  1. It is an excellent choice to invest in buying properties in North Goa. Even if you plan to buy a vacation home for yourself in North Goa and not for renting purposes, it is also beneficial. The appreciation in the property price is more significant in North Goa than South Goa.  
  2. The sea-facing homes are highly-priced, but it is worth buying them as they yield higher rents and price appreciation.
  3. If you plan to invest in a plot in Goa, then make sure you verify all the properties. Hire a lawyer for proofing the papers as there might be an issue with documents when the seller is an individual. However, if the seller is a reputed organization, you need not worry about anything.
  4. Since Goa is a naturally beautiful place, buying a house near a river or sea is always worth it. However, these properties are highly-priced. But if you are planning to establish a home rental business in Goa, then investing in a home near the coastline makes sense
  5. Make sure not to buy a property in Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ). A non-resident person of Goa cannot build a house in a radius of 250-500m of the high tide line. So check this necessary thing while purchasing a plot in Goa.


Demand for vacation homes has increased simultaneously in the last few years. Some people buy these properties for their own staying purposes. At the same time, some people invest their money to get monetary benefits in return. 


Proper research about the property includes prices, the authenticity of property papers, verifications of the location, and estimated return on property. To buy a sun estates villa is an expensive affair, and this makes the assurance more important. Buying a property in Goa is a worthy investment so go ahead if you have extra funds and desire to own a vacation home in Goa.

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