5 Best places to buy second home in India

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In India, owning a home means a lot to every individual. Every person needs a place to call their own home. This is a concept prevalent in India and owning a second home is a matter of prestige, especially for the young.

However, dimensions are changing, and the Indian economy is boosting. Most people own a house in India. Now, buying a ‘second home’ is increasing rapidly in India. Some people buy a second home for investment purposes, while others believe it is a pure vacation home. 


This blog post will discuss the best places to buy a second home in India. We’ll discuss the top 5 places to buy a second home in India as a second home is generally brought for generating passive income. So let us proceed with the blog.


Top 5 Places to Buy Second Home in India:

  1. Bangalore: This city is considered the Silicon Valley of India. It is home to many successful start-ups. According to an estimate, around 33,000 IT operates in Bangalore. This makes it a paradise for software developers and IT engineers. Considering the number of IT companies, many people come to Bangalore every year. This makes Bangalore a perfect place to invest in homes.  Buying a second home in Bangalore has two benefits. The first is the high return on money invested, and the second is the rapid increase in property value. So considering all the things, Bangalore is the perfect place to buy a second home. 
  2. Hyderabad: Often referred to as ‘Cyberabad,’ is another big IT hub in India. Many big IT companies function in this city. Due to this reason, many job seekers come to this city every year. The rental value of the properties in this city is very high. Buying a home in this city can earn good profits on your money invested. So if you are thinking of buying a second home in India, consider investing your money in this city.
  3. Noida: Noida is a city in Uttar Pradesh in the Delhi NCR region. Close connectivity to Delhi makes it an even more promising city for investment purposes. Delhi is a very populated city. New people who shift to Delhi for professional endeavors prefer to live in the NCR region. The reasons are many, which is why it is a perfect city to make investments in a home. Many real estate investors are investing in Noida due to the high return on investment. Invest your money in Noida to get a high return on your money investment.
  4. Pune: Pune is a city situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Pune is a vibrant city where there are a lot of colleges and companies as well. So the number of employees and students is high. Many people travel from other states and come to Pune every year. Buying a home in Pune for rental purposes can make you earn lots of money. It can become a great source of passive income for you, and you can recover the invested amount quickly. Also, Pune is beautiful. Purchase your second home in Pune; you’ll never regret your decision.
  5. Navi Mumbai: Close to Mumbai, the economic capital of India, Navi Mumbai is an extended part of Mumbai. The best part about this city is its connectivity with Mumbai. In Mumbai, lakhs of people come for employment and higher studies every year. Everyone cannot afford to rent a home in Mumbai. This is the reason why people prefer renting a house in Navi Mumbai.

These features make Navi Mumbai a perfect place to invest in the real estate sector. Many real estate projects are developing in this city, and the price is comparatively lower than in Mumbai. Now is the right time to invest your money in buying a second house in Navi Mumbai.


Including these cities in the list of best places to buy a second home in India is many. The main facet is the investment purpose. These places have the potential to give a high return on the money invested in the real estate sector.


The property value is increasing at a fast pace in these cities. So if you are thinking of buying a second home, consider investing your money in the places mentioned above. You might get a high return on value at these places. Investing in property involves a critical thinking process. So think wisely before making any decision.


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