9 Secret Tips For Booking Cheap Flights

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Traveling should never end for people with a voracious appetite for discovering new places. However, traveling necessitates money, and one of the best ways to save money is to reduce your flight costs.

Travellers who wish to take advantage of the lower tickets offered during the holiday or off-season has little choice except to book their flights whenever possible. Flights may be discounted at any time of year, regardless of the festive seasons. Using these tips every time you search for flights will help you book cheap flights.

Make Use Of The "Incognito Mode" Feature.

According to the demand and supply of flights, most airlines now dynamically adjust their ticket pricing. It's a practice known as "dynamic pricing."

Since the airlines and intermediary websites know that you've spent 20-30 minutes studying a specific flight, they know you're more likely to purchase a flight ticket if you keep doing so.

When you attempt to reserve your ticket, you'll discover that the rates have increased dramatically! Using incognito mode when surfing is an excellent idea to protect yourself from tracking and remembering what you look for. It will help you a lot in booking cheap flights.

Make Your Reservations On The Airline's Website.

It's a good idea to check airline websites directly if you aren't obtaining any discounts or cashback via intermediary sites like MakeMyTrip, Paytm, ixigo, goibibo, Expedia, etc. Airlines compensate the intermediary's websites with a small fee, and as a result, the rates at the airlines are often less expensive.

Before booking cheap flights via the airline's website directly, you should filter and search to find a flight most suited to your needs, and then write down the flight's number and time of departure.

Look For Discounts & Special Deals Available.

Searching for deals when booking cheap flights is something that everyone can do. Most of the time, there are various discount and rebate options available when buying flights.

Some deals are for both-way flights, while others depend on the price of the whole ticket (such as "Applicable only if ticket costs are over Rs. 8,000"). It's never a bad idea to check the deals on Goibibo, Makemytrip, Yatra, and Cleartrip.

Search for flight coupons on coupon websites as well. Because coupon aggregators pay them a commission, they should give their cashback in addition to the ones offered by coupon websites.

Using Two Different Airlines, Book Two Separate Flights.

Booking two individual flights instead of a round-trip or a connecting flight will maximize your cashback and discount opportunities if you're willing to go the additional mile and spend some of your "precious" time doing so.

          So, if you want to go from A to B and return, you may book an A->B ticket from one website and a B->A flight from another website instead of purchasing an A->B return trip from a single website. If you're looking for a better rate on a high-ticket or overseas flight, it's a good idea to look into this option.

Take Flights At Unusual Hours.

Late-night flights might be cheaper if you're willing to go early in the morning or at night. However, this strategy may not work for you if you're traveling with family or have a strict timetable.

Travelers on their own who don't have a set arrival time may want to consider this alternative. This might be because many individuals avoid flying at night since they don't want to be at their destinations before 1 or 2 in the morning, which means there is much less need for night flights. There will be no affordable flights available for last-minute bookings.

Use Other Currencies

Many people choose this option to save money while booking cheap flights. Most airlines want you to pay in the currency of the place from where you are departing. When booking a flight, check to see if you can pay in cheaper cash than your own. If you are paying with your credit card, you must check that your credit card provider shouldn't charge you foreign transaction fees. Only then should you book your tickets.

Try Flexible Dates.

Consider options 1 or 2 days sooner or later than your original target date if your schedule is flexible. You'll often discover that a cheaper choice is available on a different date that's close to your original target date.

When you look for a flight for the day you booked, you will see a calendar with the costs for alternative dates when you attempt to change the date.

Set Price Alerts

Do not forget to turn on fare alerts when you visit airline websites. As a result, you'll be able to take advantage of incredible deals before they're gone and book inexpensive flights. On Facebook and Twitter, you can follow the profiles of low-cost airlines like SpiceJet and GoAir to stay updated on the latest specials and promotions.

Use Senior Citizen & Student Discount

Even if the discount is minor (e.g., 8-10 percent), flying with a student or elderly citizen may save you money. Make sure to see whether you may receive additional savings for traveling with youngsters or elderly family members.

On the airlines' websites, however, these reductions apply. Spicejet offers a 9.5% discount on the basic ticket if you're a student. This senior citizen & student discount may not be available on specific days or routes, so be sure to read the Terms & Conditions.


Flying will not be pricey if you know how to discover the most fantastic offers. One may locate the cheapest airfare possible with little study and effort. I hope the recommendations above save you time, aggravation, and, most importantly, money when buying your next domestic ticket.


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