Second Home Ownership, Simplified.

We turn your dream of owning a second home into reality. You own it, enjoy it and we manage it for you. We generate fabulous income for you from unused time.

Find your second home with us. Simple and easy.

Search and Buy

  • Collection of validated vacation homes in top destinations.
  • We can turn your dream of owning a vacation home into reality.
  • Wide range of vacation homes at your choice of location

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  • We will do end to end sales and all paperwork on your behalf.
  • Own / Co-own (fractional ownership up to a minimum of 25%).
  • No time share. No virtual ownership. It's actual physical ownership

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Enjoy and Earn

  • End to end property management including furnishings and maintenance.
  • 15 to 60 days of vacation every year in 100s of network homes across India
  • Our Mobile App makes it transparent. Upto 10% vacation rental and 18% IRR

The perfect way to own a second home.

We work with carefully chosen developers / builders / sellers at key locations and all our homes are checked against a numbers of factors before we bring them to you. Benefit from our proven model of Search, Own, Enjoy and Earn model. Our pool of discerning guests, trained professionals, and efficient marketing tools increase returns from your second home making it one of best real estate investments.

What's in it for you?

We understand the joy when you become proud owner of a second home / vacation home in one of pristine locations. Benefit from our industry leading model of buying, selling and managing second homes across country.

Leisure and Returns

Flexible plans from 15 to 60 days of Own Time Usage (OTUs). Fabulous returns from unused time.

Own / Co-own

Own it 100% or a minimum of 25% fraction. Finance options make it even sweeter. EMI covered by vacation rental.

Higher rental yield

Up to 10% vacation rental return annually (4 times higher than your regular rental returns from city residential homes.)

Direct to your bank

Monthly payments of vacation rental income from your home directly goes into your bank account with full transparency.

DaAlohas Club Membership

Use your Own Time Usage (OTUs) across 100s of our managed homes across nation. Almost free vacations lifetime.

Top Notch Maintenance

Our expert in-house teams keeps your home in top-notch condition always with regular maintenance activities and audits.

Managed Mobile App

Access, Track and Manage your home confidently from our mobile phone app. Full honesty and transparency assured.

Appreciation and Exit

Well managed homes results in higher liquidity and appreciation. Foreseeable exit. We find you a buyer should you decide to sell your home.