7 Luxury Real Estate Market Trends & How To Buy A Luxury Home In 2022

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The world has finally accepted the pandemic. The inconveniences and negative consequences of unwelcome but unavoidable lockdowns are gradually dissipating. The economy is regaining its lost pace with the reopening of the markets.

The real estate industry, in particular, has benefited from the Covid-19 turbulence, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022. While all real estate segments have seen an increase, reports indicate that the luxury segment will significantly increase in 2022. HNI homeowners are enthusiastic about buy a luxury home.


The real estate market began the year on a high note, but the second wave robbed it of its momentum. While the country was coping with a much more severe outbreak of Covid-19, the real estate market was temporarily disrupted. However, the sector quickly recovered thanks to a renewed spike in demand. The high sales velocity remained throughout the year, allowing the category to minimize its unsold inventories.


Last year, the luxury real estate market segment increased, and this trend is projected to continue in 2022. According to an international realtor's Luxury Housing Outlook survey, 67 percent of HNIs consider luxury property purchases. 

These are a few luxury home trends that being been seen in 2022:

1. A significant component is upgrading your lifestyle:

A significant aspect driving HNIs to choose homes with higher facilities is an upgrade in lifestyle due to the epidemic. Residents of luxury residences are closer to nature and have a resort-like experience. In the current economic climate, 46% of respondents believe that luxury residences are necessary. The health benefits of living in large, natural spaces are essential elements in luring purchasers to luxury residences.


HNIs and Millennials who have lived in luxury want to live in accommodations that give them an uber-rich environment. They are eager to spend money on the luxury real estate market since it guarantees a better living in the city of their choice.

2. Considerations for WFH and Hybrid Work Models

Work from home and the hybrid operating model have significantly changed the way we work. Homes are being used as workstations, and inhabitants want large homes to accommodate their workstations as needed. According to surveys, most progressive businesses have already implemented a hybrid or productivity anywhere model. Employees can work from the comfort of their own homes, making luxury residences a must.

A motivator for investment

In contrast to the industrialized world, where prices have nearly frozen, the country's price increase is unprecedented. Investing in thriving urban areas like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai Suburbs, and vacation spots like Goa would be a dream come true. These areas have produced a lot of money. In the past, these areas have provided investors with lucrative returns. They can once again become revenue sources if consumer interest grows.

3. Other influencing considerations

Several other factors aid the expansion of the real estate sector in general, particularly the luxury real estate market. According to research by a major financial institution, the unexpected increase in disposable income, cheap interest rates, lower stamp duties, and other factors have benefited the real estate sector.

4. The Rise Of Digitization

The rising demand for digitalization boosted the number of tech professionals in an unanticipated way. Increased demand resulted in out-of-turn promotions, higher pay offers, and appraisals for techies, primarily Millennials, increasing their discretionary income and allowing them to invest in real estate. Because Millennials have firsthand experience with luxury, they prefer to invest in luxury real estate market projects that can help them achieve their goals. Because Millennials have firsthand experience with luxury, they want to invest in luxury real estate developments that will enable them to live a lavish lifestyle.

5. Ecosystem

Another driving force behind the rise in demand for premium real estate is the unlocking of wealth in the startup ecosystem. In the startup environment, ESOP monetization is at an all-time high. Employees are directing the monetized cash to buy homes because it allows them to use the funds better while gaining a significant tax advantage.


The top seven real estate markets and travel destinations will see an increase in luxury residences. While buyers in Tier I cities favor high-rise flats, they prefer low-rise apartments and independent villas in Tier-II cities. While buyers tend to high-rise flats in Tier I towns, they prefer low-rise flats and separate homes in other metropolitan areas, which significantly buy a luxury real estate market.

A Simple Guide To Purchasing A Luxury Home

There's no harm in pursuing a luxurious lifestyle and a higher social status. Purchasing a luxury property is one excellent approach to do so. There are many possibilities for you to pick from, whether you desire additional living comfort for yourself and your family or just want to invest in a quality home that will increase value. Before you go out looking to buy a luxury home, keep these suggestions in mind:

1. Inform yourself:

Luxury residences are unquestionably pricey. If that's all you know about luxury residences, you'll need to brush up on your knowledge. You want to make sure that you and your family know exactly what you're looking for. You'll want to be sure you know what you and your family are searching for in a high-end property. This makes it easier to organize your expectations.

2. Recognize the patterns:

You're going to spend a lot of money on this transaction, so be sure it's done correctly. One method to ensure this is to select your neighborhood carefully. When looking for a luxury house, the location is crucial. Make a list of the amenities you'll need in your future neighborhood. The city center, the clubhouse, the library, the waterfront, or the nightlife hotspots?

3. Understand your requirements:

Top-of-the-line amenities like a gym, pool, entertainment areas, breathtaking vistas, and spacious backyards are standard. Understand your requirements.

Top-of-the-line amenities like a gym, pool, entertainment areas, breathtaking vistas, fantastic backyards, intelligent appliances, and more are expected in villas. Knowing your priorities will make it easier to find a home that you will appreciate forever. Some luxury property purchasers want to invest in certain features. That is why you must have a precise list of things you require.

4. Patience, Patience, Patience:

A hasty judgment has never served anyone well. When purchasing a high-end property, keep in mind that you are competing with a group of like-minded purchasers. Practicing patience typically results in first-time homeowners finding a fantastic dream house.


Modern luxury home buyers must learn how to navigate the real estate market and the challenges of securing the best value for their money. From anticipating changes to local market trends and events to identifying a top real estate broker or agent. To buy a luxury home, buyers need an edge—and this guide will help.

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